Nudism F.A.Q.

Q - Is Nude Recreation Legal?
A - Yes, it is perfectly legal in areas designated as nudist resorts, nudist clubs, nudist parks, clothing optional areas, and of course nude beaches.

Q - What is Nude Recreation?
A - Nude Recreation is a form of stress relief as well as a fantastic way to enjoy daily living, holidays, weekends, and vacations. It is also a very good way to get a "seamless" tan.

Q - Where can I find places to go that I can be nude without getting into trouble?
A - Check out the American Association for Nude Recreation for a list of clubs that you can visit in your area. There are over 230 AANR affiliated clubs in the United States.

Q - Must I be nude all of the time if I go to one of "those places"?
A - Common sense dictates that when the weather is not conducive to being nude, people should be dressed. Our saying is "Nude when possible, clothed when practical". Most clubs allow a person to get undressed at his/her own pace.

Q - Is there any way I can find out if I want to go nude without actually going to a nudist park or beach?
A - Sure, there are lots of ways. Try walking around your home nude, sleeping in the nude, doing your housework in the nude. Even watch TV while you are nude. Millions of people do just those things on a daily basis. Once you feel comfortable then it is time to try it around other people.

Q - I do not have a "Perfect" body. Won't people laugh at me?
A - No, nudists do not laugh at others. They accept you for who you are, and not for how you look. We all have blemishes, scars, and imperfections, and there is no such thing as a perfect "10". I like to think of the human body as a package. The package can be wrapped in gold foil, and contain a lump of coal. Then again the package can be wrapped in old newsprint and contain a rough-cut diamond. Another words, it is what is on the inside that counts.

Q - "I have had three kids and my body looks like a road map and I have gained too much weight so Iwould be ashamed to show my body in public."
A - Both of these so called "reasons" for not wanting to be seen nude are invalid. Stretch marks after childbirth are both natural and something to actually be proud of. It tells others that you are a parent and that you have blessed this world with a future generation. Weight gain is normal for most people, and is nothing to be ashamed of.

Q - Will people stare at me?
A - No. Nudists do not have a need, or the desire, to stare at others. Basically we are all the same and there is nothing to stare at.

Q - Won't I feel uncomfortable being around naked people?
A - Maybe for the first few minutes, but then you will forget that you are without clothes. Many people have told me, over the years, that they decided to get nude faster than they planned because they felt uncomfortable being the only clothed person around.

Q - Are nudist parks only for single people?
A - On the contrary. You will find single people, married people, couples, and many children at nudist parks. They come from all walks of life, all ethnic origins, all religions, and from all occupations.

Q - What if I meet someone at a nudist park that I know? I would be mortified.
A - If you do meet someone you know, they are there for the same reason you are, and they will be just as surprised to see you there, and will think nothing about it. Just remember, there is nothing wrong in being nude.

Q - If there is nothing wrong with being nude, why has it been kept a secret so long?
A - It has not been kept a secret. It has taken this long to get people to understand that being nude is natural, and society in the US is finally accepting the fact that nudism is not wrong and that nudists are not weirdoes. Many years ago people used to say that nudists lived in colonies. Well, ants live in colonies. Nudists live like anyone else. Social nudism started in the US in 1929. It was brought to the US from Germany where nudism has been accepted for centuries. Europe has always accepted nudists and thinks nothing of it. In fact, the very first Olympic Games were played in the nude in Greece.

Q - Isn't it wrong to have kids see you nude?
A - Why would it be wrong? If it is simple nudity without sexual connotations, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact it has been proven that children who are nudists have many less hang-ups about their own sexuality, and with growing up, than those who lead a "sheltered" life.

Q - I could never let my children see me nude. I would be too embarrassed.
A - If parents stopped trying to hide simple nudity from their children, there would be a better understanding, and more open communication, between parents and children. Too often children are uptight about the changes taking place within them, and are afraid to talk about it because they feel it is taboo. Seeing each other nude tends to break down those barriers, and makes it easier to speak about one's feelings without fear.

Q - Don't nudist kids experiment a lot seeing others nude?
A - No, in fact there is less experimenting in the nudist environment than in the textile environment because children being raised as nudists have no need to peek, check others out, or to play doctor because they see it all without having it hidden. The mystery is not there. It is really a healthy way to raise children. They have more respect for each other, and for everyone else. They do not snicker or giggle when they see a nude body like a lot of kids do.

Q - My daughter or son has never seen anyone naked. How do I explain to my daughter or son why the same or the opposite sex looks "different" than they do?
A - Just be honest and above all do not make a big deal out of it. Explain to them that mother nature made little boys one way and little girls another way; and that there is nothing wrong with them. Above all, be casual and do not try to make a big deal out of something that is trivial. Kids are naturally curious, and the best time to satisfy their curiousity is right at the moment when they ask the question. Don't try to evade the questions, and don't tell them they should not ask questions like that.

Q - My husband wants me to try it, but I think that he would spend all of his time looking at other women.
A - If he wants to try nude recreation with you, I would think that he is proud of you and wants you at his side.

Q - If I were to try it, what would happen if I started my menstrual cycle?
A - Nothing would happen to you. During "that time of month" all you have to do is wear shorts, a sarong, or whatever makes you feel comfortable. That is part of being a woman.

Q - What do I do if someone "hits" on me? Isn't that common?
A - No, it is not common at all. It rarely happens, and if by chance it does, all you have to do is report it to the park office and steps will be taken to insure that it does not happen again. That type of behavior is not tolerated.

Q - Do men walk around with erections all of the time like I have heard?
A - No, that is far from the truth. Public erections are very uncommon amongst adult males because any man that is at the park is there only for the enjoyment of the sun and fellowship. If by chance a man gets an unexpected erection he will cover up with a towel, roll over onto his stomach, or otherwise hide it until it subsides. Any man flaunting an erection will be asked to leave the grounds and not return. Young boys, and young teenage boys, get erections many times during the day whether they are nude or not. Nobody pays any attention. This is perfectly normal and healthy.

Q - What should I take with me if I visit a nudist park?
A - A towel is probably the most important item. It is used for a multitude of reasons. You should always sit on it whenever you sit on a chair or lounge. This is not only for personal hygiene, but also out of courtesy to others. You can use it to cover up with if you get too much sun on your shoulders, to dry off with after using the pool, sauna, or spa; and to lie on. A pair of sandals or comfortable casual shoes or thongs for walking, sunscreen and lotion, sunglasses, and of course clothes to wear if it gets chilly.

Q - My wife wants to visit a nudist resort, but I am afraid that I will feel inferior once she sees all of the other men walking around nude. How do I handle this?
A - Everyone is different in some ways, but in most ways we are all the same. There is no reason to feel inferior because she most likely will be looking more into the eyes of everyone she sees and will not be paying attention to other areas. It has been said many, many times that there is more eye contact at a nudist park than there is in any other place.

Q - What is the best age to bring children to a nudist type place?
A - Any age is ideal. Probably the only time that it may be difficult for some kids is just at the time they are entering puberty. Children that are not nudists tend to have a more difficult time adjusting to what is happening to them during puberty. It all depends on how open you are with your children.

Q - What are the ages that we will see at a nudist park?
A - You will find infants to great grandparents. There are first, second, and even third generation nudists at lots of the parks.

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