Guidelines and Rules of Conduct for Serendipity Park

Serendipity Park is a family-oriented nudist park, which means that our children live and play here. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for them, and we conduct ourselves accordingly. The quickest way OUT of Serendipity Park is to be perceived as a threat to our kids.

1. All guests must check in at the office upon arrival. Members who bring guests are responsible for their conduct and any fees or charges left unpaid.

2. Always sit on your towel when nude.

3. Absolutely no soliciting without permission of management.

4. Glass containers are not permitted in the pool or spa area unless covered with a soft protective sleeve such as a bottle koozie. No food or smoking in the spa area. No children under 7 are allowed in the spa. Children 7-13 may enter the spa for not more than 5 minutes. Nudity is required in the pool and spa. Swim at your own risk. Running and diving are not permitted. Soap shower before entering pool or spa. Chairs and loungers may not be reserved by placing towels on them and leaving them vacant for extended periods. Children who are not toilet trained are not allowed in the pool or spa without proper swim pants.

5. Golf cars must be insured, with Serendipity Park listed as an additional insured. Golf cars must be equipped with working headlights and rear reflectors. Automobiles have the right of way. Stay on roads. Golf cars may be driven to and from the fire pit/pavilion area. The speed limit throughout the park unless otherwise posted is 5 miles per hour. Parents are responsible for underage operators.

6. Persons with open sores or communicable diseases are not permitted to use the facilities.

7. No illegal substance may be brought onto the premises.

8. Sexual "swinging" and solicitation is strictly prohibited. At management's discretion, any behavior that makes another uncomfortable could be grounds for immediate removal from the premises without refund. Note: This includes inappropriate staring.

9. Body decorations and tattoos must not conflict with our family atmosphere. This will be determined individually according to management's discretion.

10. Pets must be kept under your control at all times. Do not allow pets to roam beyond the boundaries of your own lot. Pets should be kept away from common areas and quiet at all times. You must clean up after your own pet. Pets are not allowed in the rental units.

11. Do not bring ANY device capable of capturing images onto park premises. The device will be confiscated and you will no longer be welcome at ANY AANR-SANCTIONED FACILITY!

12. Children are not permitted to remain in the clubhouse area during dance parties. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children at all times.

Management at their sole discretion, reserves the right to require any person to vacate the premises for reasons of nuisance or improper conduct, without refund of dues or fees.

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