FAQs about a Lupin Vacation

What is a yurt?
Adapted from an ancient Mongolian design, Lupin's modern overnight yurts are domed, heated, insulated, ventilated, lighted, carpeted, furnished, lockable, fire-resistant, fabric-covered, flexible structures well able to withstand earthquakes. A shining example of thinking (and living) "outside the box", this charming circular bedroom in Nature (with restrooms and showers nearby) is preferred by many who find special properties in its unique shape. Some swear by the cozy comfort of "sleeping-in-the-round."

What are Lupin massages like?
Although all the massage practitioners must be legally certified, a wide diversity exists in training and techniques employed. On any given day you might find experts in Swedish, Esalen-style, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu or Watsu to work on your chronic stress points, or sometimes you can just get a vanilla "sports" massage to smooth out a few exercise kinks. Some have received training at Lupin Massage Institute. Trying more than one style and practitioner is encouraged. All will make you wonder why you didn't try it earlier. If you have never before experienced a relaxing, non-sexual*, full-body massage of any sort, your body may be seriously touch-deprived and therefore more in need of de-stressing than you can imagine.
*As a matter of law and club agreements, all Lupin-sanctioned massages must be non-genital / non-sexual, without exception.

Are singles welcome?
Yes (especially if you are a woman of any age*). Though families and couples comprise more than half of Lupin's membership, most single guests of both genders find friendly acceptance into the larger Lupin family.
*Although Lupin assumes absolutely no role as matchmaker, females usually hold the controlling edge over males in the singles social scene because the ratio of unattached gentlemen to interested ladies normally runs about 2 to 1, a complete reversal of stereotypical vacation cruises. The tribal law of scarcity and a clear anti-harassment policy empower women of all ages to command significant respect from all men at Lupin who would befriend them. Any woman with competitive volleyball skills is assured of a friendly welcome from athletic men seeking much-appreciated coed teammates, especially for tournament weekends.

What about children?
If you seek a family vacation, be assured that your children are also very welcome at Lupin. There are special children's activities scheduled on most weekends during the prime season. Children love Lupin, especially the upper pool where they can splash, float and play most freely under parental supervision. (They are, however, somewhat restricted from playing in the lower "Quiet Area" pools where adults seek peace and quiet more than fun.)

Is a rental car necessary?
Only if you plan to tour the area on your own. Otherwise, Lupin will handle transporting you from and to the airport and for club-sponsored side tours.

Why should a non-nudist even consider a nude holiday?
Perhaps to learn to love and appreciate your body as it is. Also to discover the amazing de-stressing qualities of nude recreation, which relaxes your body, quiets your mind and lifts your spirit. And because it's more fun than you can even imagine.

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