First-Timer's Guide

Nudism is, above all, an outdoor experience, a perfect way to kick back and enjoy clear air while communing with nature. Just far enough from urban "civilization" to forget about its stresses but close enough for convenient access.

YES • "What to Bring" Ideas

Photo ID (for registration).
Recommended footwear:
Sandals, sneakers, or shower shoes for most surfaces.
Large Towels (A seating courtesy for personal hygiene).
Sunscreen, hat, sunshades, etc (Shade is available).
Petanque balls (Volleyball available).
Favorite books, games and other quiet amusements.
Earphones, if you also bring electronic sound.
Sweat clothes, casual wear (Evenings are often cool).
Flashlight, if you plan to stay past sunset.

NO • "Do Not Bring" Policies

Camera/video equipment.
Pets (Only on leash away from public areas; owner clean-up).
Fireworks, firearms, weapons of any kind (All prohibited).
Illegal substances and toxic materials (Prohibited).
Electronic sound (Except with earphone use).
Swim suits (Not permitted in pool, spa or sauna).
Unrelated minors (Except with a parental written release).
Anti-social/predatory behavior; offensive intoxication.
Irresponsible littering.

New to Social Nudity?
Nude recreation is surprisingly relaxing and uniquely freeing, as millions in Europe, North America and elsewhere have discovered. It may also be the ultimate experience of self-acceptance.

Though nobody's "perfect", we're all perfectly human and quite acceptable just as we really are. A lifetime of ingrained self-consciousness can sometimes evaporate in minutes at a nudist park or beach.

At nudist parks you'll meet a cross-section of interesting, fun-loving and humanly conscious people who will accept you as you are, and treat you with friendly respect. Feelings of openness and mutual vulnerability help build interpersonal trust, and provide opportunities for unexpected friendships across individual differences of gender, age, culture, shape, hue, wealth and career.

You'll find most nudist park's overall ambience family-like and non-erotic. The underlying absence of sexual pressure minimizes stress and assures the safety and comfort of everyone, especially children.

Management is responsive to complaints to the contrary, as feedback from members and guests is very helpful in screening out those who would engage in predatory or otherwise inappropriate behavior. Though instances are rare, violations of any Nudist Park's Guidelines and Sexual Harassment Policy result in expulsion and, if warranted, prosecution of the perpetrator.

Complete nudity and a cleansing shower are expected for use of pool, spa and sauna. People may, and do, wear clothes if the weather cools, the sun burns or whenever it feels personally appropriate.

Nude sports, such as Petanque, Horseshoes or Volleyball, usually present no particular problems, given proper footwear. After all, the original Olympics were performed in the buff to permit unrestricted movement and minimize reaction time.

All Nudist Parks' membership, visitor, guest and inquiry files are confidential and for internal use only. All privacy requests are respected.

If Nudity Still Poses a Problem.
Individuals interested in body acceptance, but not yet ready for social nudity are usually welcome to visit most parks for a guided tour at any time. Questions regarding body image, cultural shame, gender conditioning, safety, children, and all matters of an attendee's anxiety or curiosity are answered as thoroughly as possible in a risk-free context.

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