Kids and Nudism

Ever thought of having up to 52 kids running around your backyard at the same time?

Well, here at Serendipity Family Nudist Resort we can count on that happening just about at any time. Most weekends we are blessed with many children ranging in age from 1 month to late teenage years. These wonderful kids help make our park one of the most family oriented parks in the world. Some of them have been raised since birth as nudists, and others have come along later. All say it is the best way to be raised.

Peer pressure in schools today is overwhelming. You are not "in" unless you wear designer clothes, wear your hair a certain way, or look a certain way. That is not how it is at nudist parks. Kids do not care about these things. All they care about is making friends and enjoying growing up. We have found out that kids would rather have fun than worry about what others will think.

Adults have lots of stress in daily living. Most adults do not realize what stress kids have in today's world also. Many adults say that a weekend at a nudist park relieves the stress. This also is true for kids and teenagers. Watching the kids get off the school bus, all hot and tired out from a grueling day at school putting up with peer pressure and learning, we see long faces, slumped shoulders, and no smiles.

Within a half hour these same tired out kids are romping around in the pool, chatting, playing games, and even doing their homework by the pool. The hot sweaty clothes are gone, the long faces are now smiling, the energy level has increased, and the stress is evaporating.

These same kids are not afraid to ask for help with their homework from anyone nearby. There are always people willing to help them. These kids also participate in water volleyball with the adults, play table games with them, and can carry on conversations with adults the same as they would do with their peers. They also want to be helpful. It is not uncommon to have them ask if there is anything they can do to help someone. They enjoy being part of a large family. They know they are accepted for who they are. They know that they are safe. They know that one day they will have kids of their own and will want them to grow up the same way.

A teenage girl that was visiting here for the first time remarked that she loved the sense of freedom she was feeling by swimming without a constricting bathing suit, and how fresh it was not to have to wear hot clothing in the sun. When asked if she wanted to come back she said that she would love to be able to spend the whole summer here every year. Will she one day bring her own children to a nudist park? "Yes, but I would do it at a much younger age so that they could benefit from it longer. I will just have to find a husband who will do it also." This came from a girl that did not know nudist parks existed until her visit to Serendipity.

Young kids today are the future of America. By allowing them to grow up naturally, without the inhibitions put onto them by a Victorian society, we will allow them to raise their families in such a way that the family values will be preserved as well as the right to experience life without worrying what others will think or say.

Here is a letter received from the father of the teenage girl mentioned in the above article. He and his wife composed the letter hoping that it would in some way help other parents make the decision to be open and honest with their children regarding nude recreation

"Here comes another weekend, and we don't have anything to do with our son, who is 8 years old. I bet it'll be another month before we get to go camping. Now my three girls, ages 9, 13, and 15 are down for the summer. It will be another two months before we can go to "the Dip". What a drag !! I just know we can't take them, they would freak out at all the people in the buff. What would we do if they told our parents? How can we tell them it's alright to walk around nude at home and at Serendipity, yet it is wrong for someone to 'flash' them?"

"Does this conversation and more sound familiar? Up until this past spring it has been an ongoing conversation for my wife and I. Everytime we wanted to go to "The Dip" to get away for a weekend we faced the dilema of either finding a family for our son to stay with or taking him with us."

"So, this past spring we finally, after three years of going through this, took him with us. It was so much easier than we ever dreamed it would be. The whole way up there our hearts were racing, and we both had pictures in our mind of how he is going to flip out and have a horrible time. But, check this out...."

"We arrived on a Friday evening. Right off the bat, like most boys his age, he made some friends that to this day he loves to play with. They played til really late and we made him finally go to bed. Bright and early the next morning he was up looking for his new found friends. Of course we have our priorities, so it was breakfast first at Moose's Poolside Cafe. This too has become one of the highlights for him. Our son is up to five pieces of french toast, thaks to George."

"After breakfast we told our son that he could go and play. If he decided to go swimming he could come to the pool where we were sunning and he could go into the water. He said he did not want to. Well, not even an hour later he was at our chairs asking to go swimming with his new buddies. By this time we both had to be given oxygen. My wife took him to shower, holding a towel up for him, and then walked him to the pool steps and in he went. That was the last time we had to do that because he has been a natural nudist ever since."

"Now comes the hard part. Do we take my daughters, or do we give up our summer at "The Dip"? You guessed it, we made the big decision to take them. We gave the older two a copy of the 'First-Timers Guide' and a copy of the FAQ page from the Serendipity website. After a long discussion, mostly answering their questions, it was decided they would give it a try. OK, Dad is the one freaking at this point. We gave them the same guidlines we gave our son...You only have to take your clothes off to use the pool, hot tub, or sauna."

"Well, to make a long story short, they are all naturals. I've got two that love to run around in the buff, and two that will only strip to swim. They all have a new bit of self confidence, and aren't at all ashamed of their bodies. They also have new firends and a new family. I don't worry about anything happening to them at Serendipity because of the family atmosphere and how well our friends all watch after each other's kids. My kids know this, so they are able to relax a little bit more (they are also on their bes behaviour since they know they are watched no matter where they are at)."

"So, there !! Bring your kids. We had over 50 kids at Serendipity one weekend. They all had a blast and want to go back. My girls have made some friends that will likely last a lifetime. They look forward to next time they are with us, so they can see their new friends. My son asks every weekend if we are going back to our second home. Come to find out, the ones with the hangups over being naked were not our kids, it was us. If we can overcome these hangups, I've got confidence that you can also."

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