How To Talk To A Non-Nudist About The Nudist Lifestyle

When I tell people that I am a nudist, I am at once bombarded with a multitude of questions. Usually the first question is "How can you do such a thing?" My answer is simple. It is a life-style that allows me to be myself without fear of ridicule, shame, or embarrassment when I am around other people "dressed" the same as myself. I go on to explain that, when I am in the nudist environment I am no different than anyone else there. I do not know, nor do I care, what a person does for a living, how well to do the other person is, or what race, creed, or religion the other person is. There really is no way to tell all of these things when a person is nude. I do not have to pretend to be something, or someone, I am not. It is the one place where honesty abounds.

The next question that is asked is "How long have you been doing it?" My answer again is very simple. I tell them that I have been a nudist all of my life in one way or another. I have always gone around my home in the nude, I had gone swimming in the nude (Skinny-dipping) with my classmates and friends of both sexes many times before becoming active in a Nudist Park, and I have always enjoyed the feeling of the sun, fresh air, and breeze on my unclothed body.

When I am asked "What makes you want to go around in the nude and let other people see your body?" I tell them that there is a feeling of total freedom when I am nude. I do not have to try to hide anything, and I feel much more relaxed, and natural, when I am not hindered by clothing.

I am often asked if I am an exhibitionist, or if I am perverted. My reply is that if everyone that practiced nudity in one way or another were classified as perverts or exhibitionists the entire world would be in deep trouble. I explain to these troubled and unfortunate individuals that nudity is normal. We were born nude. Nudism has been around for centuries and is practiced today throughout the world as it has been since early times.

I go on to tell these misinformed people that organized nudism started many, many years ago in Europe and has spread throughout the world. I also remind them that the first Olympic Games were played in the nude. I let them know that nudity, outside of the home, in America, is now coming out of the dark ages, and more and more people are admitting publicly that it is a most enjoyable life-style.

It is not a sin, nor is it evil, to want to feel the fresh air, water, or sun on the whole unclothed body. I try to explain that they would have to experience the feelings for themselves in order to really appreciate what it feels like.

I am also asked, frequently, if there are a lot of "orgies" at nudist parks. My answer is an emphatic NO. I tell them that those types of things do not happen, and that is one of the misconceptions that have more or less forced nudists to keep quiet about being a member of a nudist park. I explain that while sexuality is normal, and wholesome, there is a time and place for it. It is not allowed in the open, and is not promoted or condoned by either the club members, nor the owners of the nudist parks. Anyone that joins, or visits, a nudist park with the expectation of experiencing wild, uninhibited, open sex, is in for a disappointment and rude awakening. If anyone attempts to make a "pass" at a member, or visitor, for that purpose, he or she will be asked to leave and not return. When I tell people this their attitudes sometimes change.

After the questioning period I often hear their own fears. I am told that "I could never do anything like that." My answer is always the same. "How do you know unless you try it?"

Then I get the physical negatives such as "I am too fat" or "I have too many scars" or "I am not good looking enough" and even "I would be too embarrassed to have anyone see my body." The one that amuses me the most is "I am too old." My answer to all of these negatives is one that is straight forward and honest. "Nobody cares what you look like on the outside. It is what's on the inside that counts.

There are many people that are nudists that have handicaps of some sort. ALL nudists have imperfections. Nobody is perfect in every way. You will have a better feeling about yourself once you get over being ashamed of you body or imperfections. We have many members that are physically handicapped, underweight, overweight, scarred, and with other afflictions." I tell them that we have members as young as newborns, and as old as the hills. This takes some of the people by surprise. I tell them that we have members that are third and fourth generation nudists.

I am told that "I could never let my children see me nude." My answer is "You have seen them nude, and thought nothing of it, what makes you think that they will think bad things about you if they see you nude?" They say "Oh, that's different." I tell them "Not so different. You would be surprised how young people, today, accept their bodies as a marvel of nature, and do not have hang-ups about seeing their parents nude."

I go on to explain that nudism has flourished in Europe because entire families are brought up to view the nude body as normal. We, in America, have just begun to enjoy the benefits of doing so.

I then go on to tell them the many good things that go on at nudist parks such as the great meals, the game tournaments, swimming, hot tubbing, games, fellowship, exercise programs, and of course the sunbathing. I let them know that it is always peaceful, entertaining, and yes, educational as well. I let them know that they can have their privacy any time they want it, or they can join in and have lots of fun with the other members and visitors. I make it a point that they are not expected to be nude all of the time. I tell them that they can adapt to total nudity at their own pace without being forced into it. I also let them know that the owners, and other members, are more than willing to answer any questions they might have.

This is the point during the conversation that I hear "I might like to try it, but I will never get my husband/wife to do it." I tell them that we hear that statement all the time. I tell them that most generally it is the one who you think would not be interested is the one who likes it the most.

I then change the subject. I do not want to push my views an someone who is hesitant. It may have an adverse effect on getting them to try the nudist life-style. Usually I will talk to them again in a week or two. At that time I ask them if they have given any thought to our discussion. If I start getting negative remarks I just drop the subject. Those that do express some interest, I invite to the park as my guest for the day to see for themselves what the nudist life is like.
The above article was written, by me, and has been published in numerous magazines and on websites in hopes that others will see fit to openly discuss their interest in nudism with their friends, relatives, and neighbors. Also it is hoped that people reading this article will talk with their family about the clothes free life-style.
There is a good chance that one or more of your relatives may want to explore nudism but are afraid to ask questions, or do not know who to ask. There are a lot of things that can be explained in your own way. I am letting you know how I handle some of the most frequently asked questions and negative comments.
Please feel free to show this article to your family and friends. It may make it a little easier when approaching the subject for the first time. It may also bring up some good questions from those seeking information on nudism. There are many excellent reference books on nudism through various nudist organizations such as The Naturist Society (TNS), or you may want to contact you nearest nudist park for further information.
Why not try this if you are hesitant about your own body acceptance?
The human body is just like a package with something in it. A package may be wrapped in gold foil or a comic strip. The package wrapped in the gold foil may contain nothing more than a stone. The package wrapped in the comic strip may contain a beautiful diamond. Now, which would you rather have? Well, for nudists, the packaging does not matter. It is what is inside the package that counts. In other words, it is the individual, or inner person, we care about, listen to, and become friends with, not how the person looks on the outside. Self esteem is something that all nudists learn real early in life. There is no doubt in anyones's mind that I am no Adonis. Do I care? Not at all. I am me, and people accept me for who I am and not for what I look like. That is all that matters.

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