Pondering the Penis

If we did a quick penis check of our many relatives in the so-called animal kingdom just to see how many penises we could see, we would come up mostly empty handed. That doesn't mean that they aren't there: they just aren't visible unless they are being used for sex. That pretty much goes for everything from insects to elephants. Nature doesn't leave her penises hanging out and about, that is until you get to our own immediate group, the primates.

For whatever the quirky and unique evolutionary reasons, our group has lost the protective sheaths and much of the retractile mechanisms most of our other mammal brethren use to pull and keep the penises up and out of the way. Our foreskins are likely remnants of a sheath and we also maintain some ability to "retract" our penises under stress, but if someone or something wanted to grab, bite or sting the human penis, it would still very much be there, try as it might to hide. Add to this, our upright posture and you have a creature that not only can not retract his penis, but one that moves through his world penis first!

This thrusts the human penis into the unique position of being much more than its dictionary definition! They can really only sense pressure, touch and temperature, yet these sensory abilities are exquisitely fine-tuned. So while we don't usually think of our penis as a "sense organ", it certainly has taken on that role. And since many things can often perform duties for which they were not specifically developed, in the hands of such an inventive species as ourselves, it should come as no surprise that the penis would be leveraged from what might appear to be a real liability into an invaluable asset.

Thanks to its very rich sensory quality, the human penis is on "duty" at all times. Yet its most common habitat, underwear and pants, is mostly one of acute sensory deprivation or often downright discomfort, giving naturism a special appeal for men, and very likely explaining why so many will so readily shuck their clothes when given the chance. From a cool refreshing breeze, to a dip in the lake, to the very act of swinging to and fro with each step we take, the unencumbered penis adds a rich sensory dimension to the male experience. For whatever reason it was that Mother Nature left our penises out "in the cold", we can hardly complain about the end product.
Leslie Rollins

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