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Even though I have been a nudist my entire life it was not until after I retired that I was finally able to speak out for what I truly believe in without fear of reprisal. What I truly believe in is that every person has the right to his own opinions, and to do whatever they wish as long as it is legal and without shame. To this end I can now speak openly on the advantages and healthiness of enjoying nude recreation.

Ever since I was little, I learned that the human nude body is not something to be ashamed of no matter what it looks like. None of us ever snickered when we saw someone in a stage of undress. It was something that was just a natural part of life. There was no need to "play doctor" since we saw it all every day, and there was no mystery or curiousity growing up. Growing up we saw the changes that take place throughout the aging process and it was no big deal. Our questions were answered openly in words that we could understand without embarrassment. We did not poke fun at others for what they looked like, where they came from, or how they spoke. They were just as normal as ourselves.

In the nudist environement you learn to respect others for who they are, and not for how they look. Friendships are closer and plentiful. There is no way to tell what a person does for a living, or how much money they have by looking at them. Contrary to the old cliche', clothes do NOT make the person.

Because Nudist Parks are family oriented, there is no need for concern that your kids will be exposed to something that is harmful. On the contrary, your children will enjoy the freedom afforded by nude living, and at the same time will feel more secure, and sure of themselves, and you will be more at ease knowing that your children are enjoying something with you, and not off where you can not see what they are doing or what is happening to them. Social nudism actually draws families closer together. Family outings are rare today due to economic situations and the fact that it is hard for kids and parents to "relate".

Social nudism is cost effective, and is something that the entire family can partake in; which will definitely make it a tighter knit family unit.

Some people would say that being nude (naked) is wrong for religious reasons. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many references are made in the Bible about being without clothes. All of these references to nakedness are positive.

Even Pope John Paul II stated in a speech in 1981: "Sexual modesty cannot then in any simple way be identified with the use of clothing, nor shamelessness with the absence of clothing and total or partial nakedness. There are circumstances in which nakedness is not immodest...Nakedness, as such, is not to be equated with physical shamelessness.
Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regards to the value of the person...The human body is not in itself shameful, nor for the same reason are sensual reactions, and human sensuality in general.
Shamelessness (just like shame and modesty) is a function of the interior of the person."

It is a proven fact that there are less divorces in nudist families, less drug usage, less teenage pregnancies, and less delinquency within the nudist environment. Some other reasons to try social nudism are: less stress, better body acceptance, healthier living, and freedom from peer pressures.

There are hundreds of organized nudist facilities throughout the United States and Canada where people can go to relax, enjoy life, relieve stress, and have good wholesome fellowship. Most clubs, and parks, have recreational activites, restaurants, clubhouses, and pools. Many have saunas, hot tubs, game courts, hiking trails, and other amenities that make your visits enjoyable. Nudism and nudist/naturist facilities have been commonplace in Europe for centuries and are widely accepted by the general population. In fact, there are places in Europe where people can walk down the streets of cities as bare as the day they were born, and nobody gives them a second glance. It is accepted as being natural.

There is always something to do at a nudist park. Most parks have scheduled events such as pot-luck dinners, dances, sports events, movies, contests, bon fires, kids' activities, etc.

There are facilities for tent camping, and RV sites. Most have rental units by the day, weekend, week, or month. Some provide monthly rental sites for RVs, and some provide long term lots for year round living.

There are two types of nudist clubs. One is called a "landed club" which is a privately or member owned club located on privately owned land. The other type of club is called a "travel club". These clubs are made up of members that do not have land of their own, but travel to nude beaches and to landed clubs to enjoy the freedom of being nude.

Recent polls and demographic studies have determined that there are over six million people that practice some form of nudism within the United States. These forms of nudism might be sleeping nude, working around the house in the nude, skinny dipping, nude sunbathing in the back yard, and the people who actually live the nudist lifestyle on a part or full-time basis. Nudists come from all walks of life and from every ethnic background, religious affiliation, and race. They come in all sizes, shapes, and ages. However diverse they are, nudists have many things in common. They all believe that the nude human body is beautiful, not ugly; socially acceptable in appropriate settings, not shameful; mentally and physically healthy, not perverted or the cause of physical ailments; and a healthy way to raise a family.

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