Nude Humor

Until 1982, nude beach users in South Florida had a choice between Virginia Key in Miami or the section known as Air Force Beach (today's John D. McArthur State Park) on Singer Island in Palm Beach County.
While relaxing nude with some other SFFB members on Air Force Beach, Greg made the acquaintance of some other nudists who invited his group to a nudist house party in nearby West Palm Beach.
That night, he and his girlfriend checked the address while their friend drove them in his motor home up and down the streets until they finally saw the cluster of cars out in front of the house whose number matched the address in their hands.
The usual procedure for guests, after entering the house, is to go into a certain room to undress, and then re-enter the party nude. The three decided that instead of the usual procedure, they would undress in the motor home first, then surprise every- one by walking through the front door nude.
The surprise was on them: their friends were not in the first room, so they had to walk past clothed strangers into the rest of the house to search for familiar faces.
After they found the owner of the house, they realized why they didn't know anybody: it was the wrong party! By coincidence, the house number was the same, but because of the repeating street numbers in the same area, they had misread the abbreviations for "court" and "street."
They apologized profusely to the host, but he thanked them for actually livening up his dull party. During the few minutes they were there, some people left in disgust, while others decided to get nude, too!
They climbed back into the motor home, then carefully found the familiar house number on the right street, then entered the correct party nude and had a great story to tell their nudist friends.

A great way to loose weight is to eat naked in front of a mirror. Restaurants will almost always throw you out before you can eat too much.

The only problem with greeting your special man at the door wearing only plastic wrap is that he may look at you and say, "What! Leftovers again?"

In Singapore, it's illegal to walk around your house naked as it's considered pornography, which is also illegal. Just for the record, oral sex is also against the law.... "unless it's used as a form of foreplay." Duh!!! Everyday, 200 million people around the world have sex. That means that anytime you have sex... there are close to 4,000 other people getting off at exactly the same time.

An amusing thing happened at work today. The TV station that I work for covered a local concert by the heavy metal band, KORN. KORN consists of local Bakersfield (California) boys who have made it big as nationally known rock stars. (Yes, we have more than country music here!) The news story was originally supposed to be about the band performing in their hometown, but it changed when three young women got on three guys shoulders and took off their tops and flashed the crowd. That became the station's best lead story on the evening news. The video was, of course, blurred for broadcast. Those of us in the engineering department thought that the news department had gone overboard in exploiting a rather benign part of the story. However, that's not all. One of the news photographers came into the engineering shop today and asked about a camera that was in for repair. We told him we expected the parts tomorrow. "Could you get it out early if I gave you the KORN tape?" he asked with a smirk. Having just returned from a week and a half vacation where I attended the WSA and AANR conventions, I could hardly contain my laughter! The photographer was a new employee who had not heard about my nudist associations.

Dayle Nisi of Utica, New York, was recently vacationing with his girlfriend at her parents' summer cabin in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. As no one else was around, they had been enjoying several days of skinny-dipping in the cold mountain lake. But now Nisi has a fear of swimming in the nude after being hospitalized in a fresh water version of Jaws. But this time instead of a shark, a giant snapping turtle used part of Nisi's anatomy as a meal. What part? Let's use Dayle Nisi's own words, "...I felt this excruciating pain in my groin and when I got by bearings, I realized a turtle had bitten my testicles and swam away with them. It's not a nice feeling; I'll tell you that!"

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